Deck9 Astronaut

We create software with privacy in mind

Privacy should not be just a feature. It should be a fundamental part of every software. And with that thought in mind, we design & build quality software for the internet.

December 2020

Started to work on Deck9

June 2020

A Guide To Surveys and GDPR

This guide aims to give you quick five-step guidance on how to create an effective but GDPR compliant survey. The following are the steps you should take at a minimum to support the European General Data Protection Regulation rules.

January 2018

Why you don’t need AI to build a chatbot

Artificial Intelligence, or more specific „Machine Learning“, was probably one of the most hyped topics in 2017. But can AI be a disadvantage?

October 2017

First version of BotReach created

To this point I never released a product by myself. It is time to change that. Let me introduce you to BotReach. It is a replacement for the overcomplicated AI chatbot platforms, that everybody is talking about right now. You don't want to spend time to learn all that fancy AI bullshit? Then try out BotReach and save valuable time.