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At Deck9, we develop websites and software for the internet. We build software with attention to detail and high demand for quality and performance. For us, security and privacy is not a feature, but the foundation of software. We use this foundation to create products that lead to a better online experience for all people.

Deck9 offers a complete service in software development, design, and business development. From the concept to the ready-to-market product and beyond, we guide our customers to success.

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We care about our planet.

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The climate crisis might be the most significant global challenge humanity is facing in this century. We think a problem as big as the climate crisis can only be solved together. As humans, as companies, and as countries, we all share the same responsibility. Deck9, as a software company hosting websites on servers worldwide, wants to actively participate in actions against climate change.

With Planted Green as a partner, we invest a fixed amount per employee to fund planting new trees in Germany and help reduce CO² emissions by buying CO² certificates.

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Our climate stats
since Nov 2021

2 trees planted
2 t CO² emissions cancelled